Le Marmiton at La Mirande

Cooking school in Avignon since 1994

The old kitchen is also the setting for the “Le Marmiton” cooking school. Séverine Sagnet invites some of the region’s greatest chefs to lead cooking classes for all culinary enthusiasts, from those looking for an introduction to the art of Provencal cooking to those wishing to enhance their knowledge of gastronomy. In keeping with La Mirande’s spirit of conviviality, novice chefs will have the pleasure of inviting friends to join them round the table and share in the meal they have prepared.

Based on the yearly calendar, cooking and pastry-making themes change with the seasons and according to the chefs’ whims and expertise.

“The cooking school at La Mirande, named “Le Marmiton”, which is the French name for kitchen lad, begins its classes with a trip to the Marché les Halles d’Avignon to choose the ingredients. The head of the school, the charming Séverine Sagnet, looped baskets over our arms and took us through the stalls, pointing out the best place to buy bread and gathering samples of everything from pickled garlic to aged Comté cheese. Once we were weighed down with local produce, we walked back to the hotel to begin making lunch. Classes are held in a sumptuous, rustic teaching kitchen, dominated by a vast wood-burning oven and open shelves piled with crockery. Instruction is clear but relaxed, and the cooking is distinctly unhurried. It is the kind of class where you will peel asparagus with a glass of wine at your side. Once our chicken was in the oven, and purple artichokes were sizzling on the stove, we went down to the cellar for an aperitif while things cooked. Lunch was served, plated beautifully, at the wooden table in the kitchen, followed by a few cups of coffee in the garden.” - A guest

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