Welcome to La Mirande Hotel

You cannot come closer to the life of a French nobleman in the age of Enlightenment (18th Century)

Hotel La Mirande is famous for its delightful and authentic interiors. Already in the sixties they served as location for “La Réligieuse” (“The Nun”) the second feature of New Wave director, Jacques Rivette with Anna Karina in one of her best roles, a movie which ignited a first-class scandal.

Later, under the guidance of François-Joseph Graf, world famous interior decorator, no expenses were spared to carefully restore what had survived from the past and to replenish, where necessary, the features of the age of enlightenment for the revival of a nobleman’s townhouse in the 18th century. In a brilliant endeavour, a secret private place was converted into a luxurious Avignon 5-star hotel without intruding on the soul of the building.

Each guestroom has all the luxury amenities you would expect, but invisible if modern technology is involved as the mirror televisions of the mantelpieces.

Even some former servants’ quarters, downstairs, were preserved and contribute to the activities we offer. La Mirande could be the perfect setting for a French Downton Abbey equivalent.

La Mirande is romantic beyond belief also because of its unique location next to the skyward, oriental façade of the Popes’ Palace, literally visible from almost every room and the beautiful gardens.

La Mirande is entertaining by offering two completely different dining experiences, either up-stairs in its excellent gourmet restaurant or downstairs in the old kitchen, where guests share a large table and dinner is prepared on the old wood burning cast iron range as it was in use in the 19th century.

The old-worldly atmosphere of the latter also perfectly suits our cooking classes held there since 1994.

“Staying at La Mirande is a journey back through two centuries of exquisite French decorative arts.” DEPARTURES Magazine

“Steeped in history with its origins in the 14th century it is today all Dangerous Liaisons with its 18th century treasures hidden behind the baroque façade, a grand gracious private house with a deliciously exotic edge.” TATLER Magazine

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